wig help please!

does anyone know a lot about styling wigs? i need to know which of two wigs would be easier to style into a mohawk for a new tavros wig. one of my biggest concerns is the mohawk being combed back like in canon. not to the side and not toward the face. i’m also a bit worried about how it will look when i shave the sides down. probably better to message me if you can help me. thank you!!

here are the two wigs. as for the curly one, i would either com out some of the curls or straighten with the hot water method first. not gonna have a curly mohawk shit’s not canon.

wig 1

wig 2

  1. rainboo-ashe said: I’ve bought from Amphigory before and their wigs are REALLY thin. They’re not bad as they are, but it makes it harder to style them. I’d suggest searching eBay for wigs, or going to Arda wigs (I’ve heard great things about them).
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